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Tony Di Maggio’s Pizza
Tony Di Maggio’s Pizza
3852 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 95111
Starts accepting pickup orders tomorrow at 11:00 AM

Tony Di Maggio’s Pizza

3852 Monterey Highway, San Jose, CA 95111

People who love pizza really, really love pizza. They know what they like in their favorite slice, and they won't settle for anything less. The crust has to be just right, the sauce has to be excellent, the toppings fresh and tasty, and there has to be enough cheese—but not too much. Pizza lovers know that when all these elements come together, a kind of magic happens. Here at Tony DiMaggio's Pizza, we're determined to make that magic happen every single day.

Having years of experience in the pizza business helps us know when we're doing it right. Our recipes have stood the test of time and have collected thousands of devoted fans over the decades. Homemade, authentic pizzas are the foundation of our business. But our customers also line up for our other Italian specialties. Our spaghetti is delicious, comforting and savory. Our lasagne is just like your grandmother used to make, only maybe a little better (Sorry, Grandma). From the cheesy top crust down through layers of pasta and cheese, it's pure heaven. Ravioli, manicotti, rigatoni—we have all the traditional Italian favorites.

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Our stromboli is a customer favorite, and one of ours, too. It's a long piece of pizza crust wrapped around an amazing mixture of cheeses, Italian sausage, salami, ham and mustard. With sauce on top or on the side, it's pure deliciousness. If you've never had a stromboli before, you're in for an incredible treat when you pay us a visit. Meatball sandwich lovers will be thrilled to know that we make all our meatballs ourselves, and we make them big! They're perfectly seasoned and tender, too.

Room for dessert? Of course you do! Italian desserts are perfectly designed to balance the heartiness and strong flavors of the main meal. Our tiramisu is a combination of delicious ingredients—chocolate, cream, coffee—that'll knock you out. We know how to make cannoli so that the pastry stays crunchy and the filling cool and creamy. You'll love it.

Tony DiMaggio's has the kind of pizza and authentic Italian food that you've been looking for. Don't head for a chain restaurant the next time your craving hits! Come to Tony DiMaggio's and get the real thing.

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